Our Projects

We believe that parents, educators and communities have extraordinary powers to influence a child’s development. Together, we reimagine learning in the 21 st century and empower children to fulfil their potential.

Campus Seminar Zurich

Teachers play a key role in explaining the world to their students and preparing them for their role in society. Campus Seminar Zurich 2018 seeks to understand how digital transformation impacts education beyond the hype. Through an experiential and content- rich event, we aim to build a deeper understanding of behaviours, motivations and aspirations that will help unlock more adoption of digital innovation in the classroom.Read More.

Pilot Project Parkopolis

Part of the global Learning Landscapes initiative, Project Parkopolis is among the big ideas re-imagining cities as vibrant learning spaces. By 2050, over 70% of children around the world will be living in cities. In those cities, only 20% of a child’s waking time will be spent in the classroom. How we fashion the remaining 80% of their waking time will be critical to how we raise a new generation of innovators, creative thinkers and collaborators. Project Parkopolis is a start in this new vision that has begun with a first prototype in Switzerland during the summer of 2017.

Project Square

One of the challenges our society is facing today is not so much to train every child and educator as programmers, but to ensure we all share a common understanding of how digital technology works, so that we can all participate in the digital society. Designed as an open-source playful learning activity, Project Square aims to empower K12 teachers and students to experience computational thinking in their daily learning environment, beyond the screens. Stay tuned for updates

We Are Play Lab

♥Museomix Kids

and MuDA

Our friends at Museomix and the MuDA launched MuseomixKids in Zurich. An exciting art hackathon combining paper and scissors with new technology and allowing children to create their own museum. We were thrilled to join this initiative and together with the young participants, to explore how to elevate the topic of empathy in a digital artistic environment through tangible playful activities.