About Us

We are a global interdisciplinary network of parents, educators, scientists, designers, entrepreneurs and policy-makers. We work at the intersection of education, design, technology and disruptive innovation.


Matt Gaydos, Learning and game design • Michaela Horvathova, International education policy and research • Nicole Standard, Illustrator • Ashley Faulkes, Webmaster • Ginevra Rudel, Interaction design • Mags Wyrzykowski, Katrin Tzieropoulos, Kelly Hungerford, Daphne Stauffer, Communications, Community building & Events • Greg Pepper, Svenja Richter, Hermione Townsend, Global Innovation Design


Cristina is a social entrepreneur with a passion for technology, education, design and high impact entrepreneurship. Former General Manager for Evernote EMEA and mentor at Kickstart Accelerator, she recently managed the setup and launch of the Swiss EdTech Collider at EPFL Lausanne, Switzerland’s first collaborative space for education technology entrepreneurs.

Advisory Board

Researcher and interaction designer interested in open source innovation, maker education, platforms and ecosystems design for social impact, Serena is involved in projects that combine open source practices and community-driven approaches with UX and interaction design methods. Since 2009, she designs and coordinates hands-on workshops for designers, artists, makers, and kids on the basics of physical computing, DIY electronics, digital fabrication, open data and computational design.

Pascale is CEO of the Gebert Rüf Foundation, member of the executive committee of digitalswitzerland and delegate of the strategy board of Venture Kick. Since joining Gebert Rüf Foundation in 1999, she has been heavily engaged in the promotion of Swiss startups. As coordinator of the Kick Foundation, established to accelerate innovation in Switzerland, she is a key driver behind the establishment of digitalswitzerland.

Francesco is Professor in Artificial Intelligence and Robotics at EPFL Lausanne. He has led the design of many miniature mobile robots such as Khepera and Thymio, mentioned in more than 9000 research articles and commercialized and used worldwide in thousands of schools and universities. He is currently leading the educational activities of the Swiss National Center for Competence in Research on Robotics.

Prior to joining ETH Zurich as Professor at the Department of Humanities, Social and Political Sciences and Chair of Learning Sciences and Higher Education, Manu has worked as the Head of Learning Sciences Lab at the National Institute of Education of Singapore. He conceptualized the notion of productive failure, using it to explore the hidden efficacies in the seemingly failed efforts of small groups solving complex problems collaboratively.